New appointment in Lempea

Lempea is delighted to announce that Pekka Immonen is joining our forces today, Feb 18th 2019, as Senior Product Owner. Pekka is filling the need we have identified in our product development leadership and consultancy team. He will start in a new customer project immediately.

Pekka has deep background in modern product management, strategy creation and product conception, combined with extensive practical experience in working with international development teams following agile and lean methodologies. His integrity, commitment, and analytical broad-minded thinking have been highly valued and respected by his colleagues. Welcome to Lempea, Pekka!

Lempea moves on with new Senior level appointment

Following new appointment has been made to the management of Lempea. Lempea’s rapid growth requires new high-profile expertise.

Mikko Suominen has been appointed as the Director of Program Management & Business Development. The appointment is effective 15.10.2018. At the same time, Mikko is joining Lempea’s leadership team.

Mikko is responsible at Lempea for business development for programs and projects. Typical roles in this area are: Project Manager, Program Manager, Scrum Master or Product Owner. Lempea is expecting remarkable growth in this area together with our customers and we are also opening several new positions for the business area.

Mikko has an extensive history of leading various projects and programs in a giant telecom vendor. His goal orientation and structured approach has been continuously appraised by his colleagues. Welcome to Lempea, Mikko!

Lempea Finalizes two high-profile Board appointments

IT and telecom veteran Kristian Toivo and attorney-at-law Tomi Merenheimo bring track record of innovation, growth and passion to Helsinki’s growing software development scene when joining Lempea’s board.

Kristian Toivo is Chief Operating Officer at Zenterio Ab in Sweden. Mr. Toivo is a senior executive with extensive knowledge and understanding of the global telecom industry. He has more than 20 years’ experience in leading research and development, product marketing, sales and deployment of complex solutions for IT and telecoms.

Tomi Merenheimo is the managing partner of Magnusson in Finland. Mr. Merenheimo focuses on contract law, mergers and acquisitions, employment issues and IT law. He has solid experience in leading transaction processes and integration of the acquired businesses, including experience of well over 200 M&A cases. Tomi’s special legal area is the management of cross-border transactions, typically including several jurisdictions.

New Chairman of the Board appointed

Owners of a Helsinki based technology company, Lempea, Henri Kivioja and Jussi Mäki have invited Jarne Atsar, 57, as the company’s chairman of the board. Jarne has earlier worked in international telecom business in different managerial roles since 1990’s. Current chairman of the board, Henri Kivioja, will focus on company’s growth as the CEO.

Lempea has appointed Jarne Atsar as the new chairman of the board and the COO from Oct 3rd 2018. “Jarne is known of his people centric approach which is a 100% match to the philosophy of Lempea. Lempea is a perfect place for Jarne and Jarne is best for the company’s future”, says Henri Kivioja with a broad smile on his face.


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