How can we help you in your next move? Open application is always Welcome, but for now we definitely need more of the following.

Embedded C/C++ Developers

Ever wondered where all the cool telco projects have gone? You are not necessarily interested in empty CMS frameworks or pure web development? Keywords like #5G #networks #C++ #Embedded #C #Algorithms truly excite you and make you smile? Good, we are on the same side.

Lempea, our partners and our customers have now several open positions available for you. We believe in deep expertise and proven track record rather than inviting future rockstars in these positions. You might have worked in one or several telecom vendor or network operator companies in the past. It is also very good if you still work for one, we want you to join with us!

RPA Developers

We have exciting new business opportunity for several automation focused developers who take pride and enjoyment providing easier life for our customers.

You are good with Python, are comfortable to work with cloud environments (like AWS or Azure). You know what it means to work with containers and know how to make automated tests with Robot Framework. Some of these skills you want to learn even if you are not fully familiar with all of them.

We have a nice future for you and us. Now is good time to move on and start to work with some exciting open source based RPA solutions for our customers. We also aim to integrate AI and machine learning into our solutions so there will be a lot to learn. We work as teams and mainly in our own premises in this new business area.

What we offer

We offer good salary, generous benefits, winning customers and long assignments mainly in R&D projects. Coolness for us means that we are full blown professionals while working and then we do other stuff. Family, hobbies, travelling and generally good life.

You know where you are good at. We want you to be able to utilise your existing skills in some of the most interesting R&D projects existing in the world. We know the pleasure of delivering and the joy it brings to you, us and our customers.


If you happen to know any of us, please just give a SMS or call/email, we will together work it out from there. or +358 40 865 9516.

We are all about People Business. We believe that real business value is realised only when teams are performing and the whole organization is focused on team and developer centered value delivery.