We build software and provide consultants for our customers. Our skill offering is as diverse as our people and includes business advisors, designers, software developers, product owners and agile coaches.

Typical invoiced items

  • Man-hours
  • Product Development and Maintenance
  • Development sprints
  • Workshops

We can help you with

  • Embedded C/C++ development - we have extensive telecom experience and knowhow.
  • Digital product development - from business to production, we can do it all: spar and refine your business model, customer research, concept and digital service design, user interface and visual design, software development, and testing.
  • Product development leadership - hire a product owner or product owner coach! We have also extensive experience on managerial and leadership positions within R&D.
  • Agile transformation - from single teams to organisations with large number of teams, we’ve done it.